What’s for dinner? Democracy!

The Daily Hampshire Gazette: Published: 11/4/2021 “A farmer’s final meal of the day.” The million-dollar Jeopardy champ, Matt Amodio, would answer, “What’s supper?” Speaking of WWLP-22, its parent company, Nexstar Media Group, controls 199 TV stations that reach 68% of U.S. households. Lately, they’re using trusted local anchors to push a “fast growing,” Fox-like tabloidContinue reading “What’s for dinner? Democracy!”

Impeach me, I was there

Originally published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette   November 19, 2019                   Gump-like Writer Witnesses Three Impeachments          Time was that a citizen alive for the impeachment of Andrew Johnson would be long dead in the 106 years between he and Nixon. Americans live in a speeded up world. Committed voters of a certain ageContinue reading “Impeach me, I was there”

The Benefits of Travel

  “A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.” Leo Buscaglia. I’ve been lucky when it comes to friends and family. A large clan network surrounds us without much notice, yet appears when duty calls. True friends astound us, like found treasure or God’s love. Finding pals at an early ageContinue reading “The Benefits of Travel”

Columnist Jim Cahillane: Finding the right words

Published: 5/6/2021 11:58:50 AM My educational trek featured a UMass poetry class. It was a jittery leap. The presiding poet was from Kashmir, and my classmates half the age of yours truly. A welcoming Shahid Ali wrote the King’s English with a clarity we could only aspire to. I’d written poetry for years, but takingContinue reading “Columnist Jim Cahillane: Finding the right words”

Columnist Jim Cahillane: Once a Catholic

Springfield Diocese Bishop William Byrne. SUBMITTED PHOTO Published: 4/1/2021 11:56:04 AM This Easter column was in the works when a love song played in my head. It served to remind me of God’s omnipresence: “It’s Always You” Whenever it’s early twilight, I watch till a star breaks through, Funny, it’s not a star I see, it’sContinue reading “Columnist Jim Cahillane: Once a Catholic”

Missing the breakfast blarney

Published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette: 3/17/2021 Irish around the world will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on Wednesday. My siblings and I knew that dad emigrated from County Kerry, Ireland. His insistence that we wear green on St. Patrick’s Day was far more than a hint. One of dad’s quirks was asking teenagers: “What countyContinue reading “Missing the breakfast blarney”

Taking shots in a winter of discontent

Published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette: 3/4/2021 Spring is on the horizon and, dare I say, a majority of us are looking toward the end of this dark winter.   The arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine is a miracle by any definition. What in the past has taken up to 10 years is here in underContinue reading “Taking shots in a winter of discontent”

Battling for the soul of America

Published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette: 12/28/2020 Pulitzer-Prize winning historian Jon Meacham’s latest book is “His Truth Is Marching On: John Lewis and The Power of Hope.” It follows his 2019 “The Soul of America: The Battle for our Better Angels,” which offers the hope to be found in conquering America’s past divisions. President-elect JoeContinue reading “Battling for the soul of America”