Impeach me, I was there

Jim Cahillane       D H Gazette   November 19, 2019        1200 words                  Gump-like Writer Witnesses Three Impeachments          Time was that a citizen alive for the impeachment of Andrew Johnson would be long dead in the 106 years between he and Nixon. Americans live in a speeded up world. Committed voters of a certain ageContinue reading “Impeach me, I was there”

Columnist Jim Cahillane: Finding the right words

Published: 5/6/2021 11:58:50 AM My educational trek featured a UMass poetry class. It was a jittery leap. The presiding poet was from Kashmir, and my classmates half the age of yours truly. A welcoming Shahid Ali wrote the King’s English with a clarity we could only aspire to. I’d written poetry for years, but takingContinue reading “Columnist Jim Cahillane: Finding the right words”